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Internationale Pitch und Putt Verbände

FIPPA – the International Pitch and Putt Federation
The International Pitch and Putt Federation (formerly the Federation of International Pitch and Putt Associations), is the governing body of the sport of Pitch and Putt, created in March 2006 when representatives of 17 Pitch and Putt areas around the world signed their agreement to a Constitution empowering the creation of a global body for the sport. A Board of seven members was elected to work along with a Secretariat and the future of Pitch and Putt was given a sturdy bedrock upon which to build. FIPPA organises a World Cup of Pitch and Putt along with a World Strokeplay championship. It sanctions open international tournaments around the world and facilitates international competition amongst members.
the European Pitch & Putt Association
Founded in 2000, EPPA organises the European Pitch and Putt championships and facilitates international competition between its eleven members – Federació Andorrana de Pitch and Putt, Federació Catalana de Pitch and Putt, Danish Pitch and Putt Union, Association Francaise des Pitch and Putt, British Pitch and Putt Association, Nederlandse Pitch and Putt Bond, Pitch and Putt Union of Ireland, Federazione Italiana Pitch and Putt, Norges Pitch & Putt Forbund, Federazione San Marinese Pitch and Putt and the Swiss Pitch and Putt Association. The world body of Pitch and Putt, FIPPA, was formed in 2006. FIPPA has fifteen existing members (the eleven listed above along with the Australian Pitch and Putt Association and Federacion Chilean de Pitch and Putt together with the Canadian Pitch and Putt Association and the Chinese Pitch and Putt Association, who both joined us in 2007) and many more aspiring members.

Mitgliedervereine im Verband SPPF

Publikumsgolf – Rottal
Pitch and Putt Uri
Citygolf Bachgraben – Basel CH
Golf Thunersee
Albergo Losone
Golf Locarno
Golf dei Castelli